Easy diagnosis and correction of mistakes.

A wide choice (20+) of interactive exercise types divided into 3 levels of difficulty and customized to children’s age and perceptive abilities.

Makes it easy to create assessment and home assignments as well as content with in-built instant student response and feedback directly from a student’s device – without the need for “Clickers” or external devices.

Enables individual teachers to create their own, custom-made Assessment. No programming or graphic skills are required.

It provides complete assessment system to analyse learning of student(s) on the parameter of Multiple Intelligence. This process gathers the data to understand learning of every student and identifies their strong and weak areas.

It supports Students, Teachers and Parents to work upon those areas of improvement which gradually and effectively gets rectified.


Engaging and stimulating feedback system.

It offers a large number of valuable reports for all users deployed in the platform. They are presented in the form of clearly designed tables, plots, charts and dashboards depending on the role of a particular user.

Each student has full access to his or her results obtained during a selected period of time.

The teacher can learn individual student’s problems and addresses them accordingly by suggesting additional material or giving direct hints, instructions or explanations.